Rachel Hollander lives a kaleidoscope life! Minister, Singer, Song-writer, Teacher, Writer, Interpreter, Counselor, Officiate….She shows up to life with a willing, “Yes!” to whatever opportunity is offered to her.

Rev Rachel is currently writing a book, Throw the Ball: an insider’s guide to navigating the darkness. This book is a collection of reflections and insights on living with a diagnosis of chronic severe depression. The key words being “Living With.” The goal of this book is to support those who are living with depression and to offer insight to those who love them.

Rev Rachel is also available to share her performance piece, Choose Again: a journey to wholeness. This 90 minute performance chronicles Rev Rachel’s adventures (and mis-adventures) of a life lived with depression, the challenges it offers and the gifts it brings.

Rev Rachel is available for weddings, blessings (house, baby, business), spiritual cleansings (new home, new office), counseling, support, key-note speeches and Sunday gatherings (where she can provide both the talk and the music!).